Collection: Landscapes

The natural world at the very heart of my sense of belonging.

In this series of emotive Landscapes I depict my experience of solitary migration, resilience and resourcefulness.

Through standing within the natural world, I draw out an inner-portrait, a symbol of my migrant’s journey, exploring the ways in which I have carried my identity through time and across borders.

My language of colour spills out from the edges of light, onto rustling leaves, into the deep darkness of water, filling the whole world within reach.

It is a happening that feels like a gift, a guide, a way to feel strong and safe, which holds the spirit of the sky, the whispers of the grass between flowers, the birds mirrored in water.

These paintings are a gathering of Self, they connect my heart to ‘beat’ somewhere as opposed to nowhere, to belong to some place, even momentarily and draw strength and courage from it. They hold me upright, provide me certainty and stillness.

Through the interconnection of light and the natural world, I welcome the unknown and find a sense of groundedness that is less a specific point on a map than a feeling of belonging and security.

I dedicate this series to anyone who has been made to feel unwelcome, culturally, politically, or socially.

We all deserve to feel a sense of belonging, whoever and wherever we are.