My Story


Savannah is an Interdisciplinary Artist based in South London.

Her paintings, depict her experience as a triadic Immigrant, born in the deserts of Arabia, reared on the Emerald Isle and now carving out a life in London.

Deriving her inspiration from flora, water and mountains, she conveys her relationship to ‘place’, and the sense of internal belonging she feels as she communes with her individuality and personhood.

Dreamy and luscious, her works create a place of Serenity for the viewer, a sense of ‘home’, safety and renewal.

Her ‘Red Collection’ is a Celebration of Colour and Vibrancy within, she draws out a world in Red to signify the visceral nature of the space between sight and the object, perception, and reality.

Flowing through the constrictions of ‘Otherness’, ‘Immigrant’, ‘Brown’, always ‘Visible and Different’, is her stake in the world.

She creates an identity that takes ownership of the racialised and sexualised narrative that has entwined the binaries of her brown body and its red counterpart, ‘Wildness’.

The two styles of painting embody the complexity of her inner and outer worlds, the entanglement and dynamism of her deeply personal experience.

15% of all sales are donated to London Wildlife Rescue, in honour and respect of their selfless work, and the priceless value it has on our natural world.



Chelsea College of Art, BA (Hons) 2016,

Royal College of Art, MA Contemporary Art Practice 2021


She also welcomes any questions or comments you may have about her work, so please feel free to get in touch below,